Dental Nurse success at 2TH Dental Practice

Rachael Leal is a dental nurse at 2th Dental Practice who has achieved her NVQ/VRQ level 3 after months of hard work, attending an evening class at South leicestershire College, completing coursework and then taking a finals exam. She is now a fully qualified dental nurse and is ready to take on new challenges in the future.

Children and the hygienist at 2TH Dental Practice

Dental Hygiene plays an important role in determining the overall health of children. A child should spend at least 2-3 minutes at least twice a day brushing their teeth; supervision by an adult is often required to ensure good oral hygiene. Mary Barson, hygienist at 2TH Dental Practice, can help by showing your child healthy brushing and flossing techniques  in order…


The importance of flossing

I read in the Sun newspaper last Saturday that a 36-year-old woman was caught flossing her teeth while driving 70 mph on a motorway in Wales. The woman was fined after police officers spotted her allegedly flossing her teeth and looking in her vehicle’s rear view mirror, all while she was speeding along on the M4 motorway.…